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Descaling boiler

The heating system is constantly circulating water , which inevitably causes calcium deposits in pipes, but also in your appliances, a boiler scaling ensures the long life of your heating system you avoid many breakdowns and well leaks.

Contact us if you need a boiler descaling and we take care effectively for you because our business is our passion.

Call 0495/444.690 for emergency surgery in time or 0495/444.690 for an appointment and one of our authorized Heating takes care of everything !

Ochaud is also the maintenance, troubleshooting , repair and installation of your boiler , heating, water heaters, heat pump and more.

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The easiest and most economical way to ensure regular maintenance and keep your system in perfect...
Your heating system , your furnace , your boiler, the water heater requires repair ? Do not attempt...
The water cirulation entails scale deposits in your pipes or boiler , which can reduce its...
The Heating technicians are authorized to carry out your boiler maintenance , choose OCHAUD is...
Whether installing a boiler , central heating, thermostat, water heater , heating installation,...
Our strong experience Heating experts come to grips with all faults , all leaks and all caps Trust...

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