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Descaling water heaters

What better than a water heater descaling properly carried out by a qualified heating of Ochaud team intact to keep your water heater.

Our taste for work well done and our attention to detail allow ou to give a second life to your device with our water heater descaling in depth.

Consider regular descaling of your equipment, water heaters, heating, boiler, heat pump constantly need to be maintained and cleaned thoroughly.

This way you will avoid failures and disappointments, and you will extend the use of your heater.

But Ochaud is also the repair, maintenance, service and installation of all your heaters.

Call 0495/444.690 for any emergency 24h / 24 and 7/7 or 0495/444.690 to schedule an appointment.

Do not hesitate and contact with you, wherever you are, we have teams on the whole of Belgium.

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